Annual Street Maintenance Project 2018

The City of Campbell is pleased to announce that it is currently advertising for bids the construction of its Annual Street Maintenance Project 18-BB:  Audrey Avenue and Hack Avenue.  The project limits are on Audrey Avenue from Burrows Road to the eastern terminus (just east of Vale Avenue) and on Hack Avenue from W. Parr Avenue to Audrey Avenue. 

This project will repair and strengthen the driven path consisting of two 12-foot travel lanes by removing the existing paving material to a depth of 4 inches and replacing it with hot mix asphalt concrete (HMAC).  This portion of the street including the parking lanes will then be treated with a multi-layered slurry seal coat pavement preservation system consisting of a Type II polymer modified (PM) slurry seal over a Type III PM slurry seal.  By focusing the structural upgrade to just the two traveled lanes and then applying the multi-layered seal coat system to the street, the useful life of Audrey Avenue and Hack Avenue is extended. 

The bid opening for this project is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10th.  It is estimated that this project will start construction in May and be completed by end of summer.

Soon property owners and residents/tenants directly affected by this project will receive a project notice from the City conveying what is to come.

For more information regarding project updates, notifications, and schedules, please bookmark this webpage for future reference.  For all other inquiries, please contact the Public Works Department at (408) 866-2150 or via email at .