Annual Street Maintenance Project 2017

PROJECT UPDATE - Project Will Resume in the Spring

This year’s annual street maintenance project began in September. The Contractor, Telfer Pavement Technologies and their subcontractors (Vanguard Construction & Archibald Paving) are in the process of completing all the prep-work including accessibility ramp installation and isolated pavement restoration.  This work is scheduled to be completed by November 23rd, at which time the City of Campbell will officially put their contract on hold through the winter months when the weather conditions are not suitable for rubber cape and slurry seal treatments. 

It is estimated that the project will start up again in the spring of 2018, when the actual street sealing (rubber cape and slurry seal) work will commence.  All affected property owners, residents and tenants will be re-notified  by the contractor of the project start-up.


The City of Campbell is pleased to announce that it has awarded the Annual Street Maintenance Project 17-BB: Residential Rubber Cape Seal and Slurry Seal Project - Second Issue to Telfer Pavement Technologies, LLC, of McClellan, California.  This project is tentatively scheduled to start construction at the end of August.   

This project will resurface approximately 6.9 centerline miles with a rubber cape seal treatment, and will resurface approximately 2.3 centerline miles with a slurry seal treatment.  The residential streets to be resurfaced can be found on this list and can be found on this map.  The project will also install 92 accessibility ramps and new striping.

Property owners and residents/tenants directly affected by this project will soon receive a Project Notice from the City conveying what is to come.
For more information regarding project updates, notifications, and schedules, please bookmark this webpage for future reference.  For all other inquiries,  please contact the Public Works Department at (408) 866-2150.