Civic Center Master Plan Project

Project Background
On August 20, 2013, the City Council held a Study Session to discuss the potential to address future facility needs related to the Civic Center complex. One of staff’s recommendations at this Study Session was to move forward with a master plan for the Civic Center complex in conjunction with further planning for a new Campbell Library.

Council Reports:
Authorization to Issue a Request for Proposals – September 17, 2013
Authorize Public Works Director to Execute Consultant Services Agreement with Anderson Brule Architects – December 3, 2013
Formation of Core Team – January 21, 2014
Study Session – May 6, 2014
Approval of Project Vision Statement, Needs Assessment and Plan of Service, Architectural Space Program, Design Criteria and Scenario Criteria – July 1, 2014
Authorize Amendment to Consultant Services Agreement – October 21, 2014 
Study Session – February 3, 2015
Study Session – March 25, 2015

Community Meeting Notes and Presentations:
Community Meeting March 12, 2014
Focus Group Minutes April 9, 2014
Design Workshop Presentation
August 13, 2014
Community Forum October 28, 2014