Cultural Growth Fund

The Cultural Growth Fund is designed to facilitate growth in local cultural and entertainment opportunities while at the same time serving as a business development tool for the Campbell Heritage Theatre. This fund will provide financial support for local arts organizations, schools, businesses and individuals using the theatre to promote cultural and entertainment events.

Contributions can be made using contact information on the right.

Donations & Grant Process
The fund will be administered by the Board of Directors through a grant process. Donations can be made in any amount, made payable to the Friends of the Heritage Theatre. To date, the Friends of the Heritage Theatre have granted several organizations money towards their rental of the Heritage Theatre.

Recipients include:
  • Campbell Middle School
  • Campbell Union High School District
  • Country Woman's Club of Campbell
  • Monroe Middle School
  • San Jose Youth Symphony
  • Westmont High School
Grant Criteria
During the initial years, the principle criteria for awarding financial support will be as follows:
  • The organization, individual, or business must be presenting the event(s) at the Heritage Theatre. In addition, those events that provide indication of potential for increased future Heritage Theatre business will receive priority.
  • Those presenting events that are targeted toward new audiences and/or create new cultural opportunities for the Campbell community and regional market will receive priority.
  • The level of community interest and/or past community support will be evaluated and considered.
  • A summary of the use dates requested, any special equipment, facilities, and/or services required, a proposed budget for your event and any additional funding sources must be attached to your request for full consideration.