Teacher & Educator Information

Take a trip to Silicon Valley's past at the Campbell Historical Museum and at the historic Ainsley House. Both museums feature innovative exhibits, age-appropriate tours, and hands-on sections where students can handle objects, allowing them to connect with days gone by. Hands on History at the Campbell Historical Museum targets 2nd & 3rd grade classes.  History Detectives at the Ainsley House is designed for 3rd and 4th grade students.  Our programs:
  • Focus on cultural themes of the Santa Clara Valley
  • Allow students to experience history through different sensory activities
  • Includes hands-on artifacts
  • Increase students’ knowledge about history and develop an appreciation for their heritage
  • Meet the Californian History Social Science Standards
Groups of 20 or fewer students cost $120, with $6 for each additional student.  The maximum student capacity for Hands on History is 40 students; History Detectives has a maximum of 30 students.  Teacher and parent helpers (maximum of eight) are free.  To schedule a field trip, please contact the Education Specialist at 408-866-2718.

The Campbell Historical Museum and Ainsley House Foundation offers scholarship funds for schools to attend Hands on History or History Detectives.  Schools can apply for program fee grants or transportation grants. Grants awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please contact the Education Specialist for a grant application at (408) 866-2718 or kerryp@cityofcampbell.com 

Traveling History Trunks
The Museum offers four traveling trunks available for monthly rental. Ideal for classrooms, home schoolers, scout troops, etc. Each trunk contains a comprehensive teacher’s guide with information that meets the California History Social Science Standards and suggested activities, touchable artifacts, videos and more. Trunks are designed to enhance curriculum and to extend a child’s learning about Santa Clara Valley’s past.
  • Immigration: Our Immigration Trunk allows students to travel with J.C. Ainsley as he emigrates from England to America, gaining an understanding of American immigration during the 19th and 20th centuries. 
  • Ohlone: The Ohlone Trunk focuses on the first inhabitants of the Santa Clara Valley and offers insight into their language, culture, economy, food and more. 
  • Orchards and Canneries: The Orchards and Canneries Trunk details the history of the Santa Clara Valley’s fruit producing and packing industry including the origins of orchards in the area and biographies of pioneer fruit canners, such as JC Ainsley.
  • Pioneer: The Pioneer Trunk shares Benjamin Campbell's experience as he travels West to California on the 1846 wagon train and eventually establishes the community of Campbell, California.
Traveling Trunk rentals cost $60 per month.  the rental period begins on the first of the month and ends the last day of the month.  To schedule a field trip or to rent a traveling trunk, please contact the Education Specialist at (408) 866-2718.